SBC Week 8 “Count Out Three”

For my first time playing count out three I visited Mitchs Blog and read his post on leadership. He did a great job of describing what it takes to be a good leader, and provided many good, and bad examples of famous leaders. I left a comment on this post because he did a great job of profiling a leader. He explained leadership skills, and traits very well, and made it very clear as to how one becomes a leader.

For my second time playing count out three I visited Megan S.’s Blog, and commented on  her post about volunteering opportunities at her school.  I left a comment because she did an amazing job of volunteering at her school. She also was very open to new experiences, like a leadership team she was asked to join.

The last blog I visited was ColinEs blog and commented on his post about womens rights. He did a great job of describing womens rights, and detailing the Womens Suffrage Movement. I like this post because he also added his own opinion to the text. He did an awesome job in the last paragraph adding a conclusion to inform the reader of todays society.

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