SBC Week 9 Activity 1 What Family Means

I live in a large family, which consists of my three sisters, my mother, father and I. Between sports, work and school my sisters and I never get a rest. Often tempers flare, but we are always able to come together as a family at the end of the day. Many people live in happy families, but what is the key to the happiness, agreement and love that every one wishes for? My parents are strict, but they are strict because they want what is best for us, they want us to succeed. My parents are also very strict when it comes to our attitude, especially my mother. My parents want us to be a happy, and to be the happy family we all want, we must be loving, caring and most importantly forgiving.

To me family means a group of caring people who are always there for you, and if that definition is true, we (my parents, sisters and I)  are definitely a family. My sisters and I get into many fights and disagreements but most of the time we are best friends with each other. We learn, together, how to solve our own problems, and every time we do so, we grow closer to one another. Responsibility helps to solve problems, but another thing a family must consist of is tough love. Tough love is probably one of the leading factors to me and my sisters’ success. When we make a mistake, we must fix it. When we do bad on a test, it’s our problem. My parents are very helpful, even when they’re not. My parents also treat us like adults, so must act like adults. My parents give us many responsibilities or chores. Even though these chores seem like a burden, they actually build both maturity and character.

In my opinion a family must consists of loving, and caring parents, even if love is shown through work, or responsibility. The children also must be aware that these chores are to not only to help out the parents, but they also help themselves. Overall a family must be co-operative, and each part of the family must be caring to the others. A family must know their roles of the family, and must be willing to play out their roles. A family is like a bunch of gears, if one is does not do it’s part, none of them function. I believe a good family must create a loving and caring environment for each other. They also must get in fights so they can grow in responsibility and respect, so they are ready for the big wide world that awaits them, when they move away.


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    • Hi Aashi!
      Thank you for taking the time to read over my post, and yes I do live in Canada! I’ll be sure to check out your post as well.

  1. G’day Mark,
    What a great post about family. I love the way you have related much of it to your own family and how they work together.

    This has been added to the Flipboard magazine.

    • Thank you for the comment Miss W!
      Also thank you for the great tips on how to make a successful post, I’m taking them into consideration with every new post I create.

  2. Hello Mark,

    What a terrific post about family. One can definitely tell by what you have written that you and your family work a lot on this. How wonderful!

    You are learning such valuable life lessons that will not only help you now, but will be most beneficial to you in all parts of your adult life. I wish I had learned these things at a younger age, like you are. Would have made life easier!

    I also love the part where you said “a family is like a bunch of gears, if one does not do it’s part, none of them function.” Perfect! Have not used that one before. I am definitely going to use your thought next time I am talking with my children about issues, (like cleaning the house 🙂 ).

    Ms. Mara (homeschool mom – participating in the student blog challenge)

    P.S. I added your post to our class Padlet wall about what makes a great family. Here is the link: Homeschool Towers

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